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The Rapallo Golf and Tennis Club Young Golfers School

The qualified group of instructors boasts extensive experience and makes use of the master owners Adriano Brizzolari, Simone Brizzolari, Mario Erbisti and Luigi Figari who coordinates all the activities as technical manager of the Club and of the Liguria delegation.

School for young golfers

Building the future of the Club through the growth and care of the nursery

The Rapallo Golf and Tennis Club Young Golfers School

Our Club has joined the institution project of a Young Club with great enthusiasm considering the establishment of a nursery and its growth within the Club, the most concrete and productive way to encourage and promote this wonderful discipline. Over the years progressive improvements have been made, thanks to the numerous member that have taken turns “leading” the committee and above all the competent activity of our professional.

Unforgettable the success in the mid-nineties of the “Gold Sower” the prestigious award that is given to the Club that stands out most in Italy for the attention and results in the youth category. Precisiely, it is by chasing the results of the “terrible guys” of those years that many successes gave to our club in the various categories (Simone Brizzolari, Francesco Positano, Renato de Rosa, Marco Brizzolara, Nicolò Ravano, Alessandra Gallo, just to name a few of the best known) that the Club is going on with its job. The goal is to make sport formative for the growth of the young learners, to assist families in the transmission of the real values such as loyalty, commitment and seriousness and why not… the healthy fun.

Make the golf appreciated in its entirety to enjoy the pleasure of playing, do sport creating friendships, taking care of the human aspect even before the sportive one. It’s on these bases that the Youth Club Commettee, chaired by Marta Leumann, wants to work, aware that these are the starting points to optimize the results of the Associates.

In the last years, a new goal have been setted, to create a team that guarantees giving the right attention to the athlete and parents in the various steps of a serious preparation. Here, also greatly appreciated by the Federation, a gym has been built with an athletic-social trainer who constantly works with our young athelets; the trips are organized according to the needs of the various categories of players and can count on the presence of a trusted and qualified companion; the secretarial staff dedicates time and availability to teach the rules of etiquette and the rules of the game in the figure of its referee Alessandro Cau in the organization of trips registrations for youth competitions and championships.

The Swing Studio Academy composed by Luigi Figari, Marco Brizzolara, Simone Brizzolari and Chiara Brizzolari, organize all the young sport activities taking care of every technical and humans aspects with attention. The Young player that is associated with the Youth Club is not only a sportive but is also a person to follow, know and train.

The Academy makes use of the collaboration of the professional Anna Maria Rossi for the category of newbies aged from 6 and over.

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